When Suheil Campbell walks into her house now, she’s not reminded of everything that’s slipped through the cracks over the years. Now, she’s reminded about how much her community supported her.

In 2006 Campbell lost her husband in Iraq, leaving her to care for their two children and the house by herself. A struggle unfortunately faced by many Americans.

Kristi Juneau, a Shipper here at Regency Mortgage, spent her day hands deep in concrete at Campbell’s home recently.

As part of Rebuilding Together Boston’s recent event, Juneau, as well as some other volunteers, made necessary repairs and improvements to Campbell’s Dorchester home. The volunteers tackled everything from work on the house’s foundation, fixing some water damage, replacing doors and putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

“This was my first year volunteering with Building Together Boston,” Juneau said. “My favorite part about volunteering is that people really came together as a whole to make the transformation of the house happen and almost entirely in one day.”

Juneau and her assigned team worked to repair the concrete near the back deck and repairing the foundation of the home, as well as spending time painting the ceiling in the kitchen.

The Massachusetts Mortgage Banker Association (MMBA) Foundation partnered with Rebuilding Together Boston to raise money together and volunteer their time to help. Regency Mortgage was a proud sponsor.

“At the end of the day it was great seeing the difference we all made together.  Once the job is done, you feel so good about the hard work you put in to help someone else’s life,” Juneau said. “I love making a positive impact and because of that I would volunteer every year.”