Is it a ghost or is it just imagination? Legend has it that the following places around our branch locations are haunted! Visit if you dare. Happy Halloween everyone!

Hooksett, NH:

HesserCollegeHesser College- Manchester

It’s said that multiple ghosts roam the halls of this college, including the ghost of a young boy who bounces his ball around the third and fourth floors. There’s also a ghost of a young girl who supposedly died of hypothermia who roams the building.

River Road- Manchester

Legend has it that on every year on Halloween night at 1:45 a.m. a ghostly jogger can be seen running down along this road.

RG Sullivan Building

An old cigar factory that used child labor—you can hear children crying in the building and doors are said to slam shut on their own.

Bedford, NH:BedfordVillageInn

Bedford Village Inn

Gordon, the former owner of the inn many years ago when the Inn was still his house and farm, has been known to haunt the dining room in the restaurant. Gordon died in his bedroom which is the location of the dining room now.  For those that work there, he enjoys playing tricks on the staff from time to time!

Concord, NH:

New Hampshire State Hospital

The first “New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane” was built in 1842, though its name was changed to the “New Hampshire State Hospital” in 1901. All of the original buildings are still intact, but there have been some additions. Over the years, people have reported hearing footsteps, the elevators will start on their own, papers will seemingly be pushed off tables, cold spots and strong feelings of people not being alone.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

The restaurant is located in a former county jail, where some of those jail cells were preserved and are now used as private seating areas. There are rumors of a ghost, George, who likes to throw food, move furniture and table settings, drink unattended beverages and generally pester staff and customers.

Portsmouth, NH:

The Chase House

The house was built in the late 19th century as a home for orphaned children and eventually became a court-appointed children’s home. Legend has it that a young girl hung herself in her room and can now be seen late at night drifting down the hallways. If she’s approached, she reportedly runs away and disappears. Some have said they’ve heard her screams from inside her former room. Reports of locked doors have been said to open of their own accord and lights and ceiling fans have turned on and off.

The Sise Inn

The Sise Inn is an 1881 Queen Anne mansion that eventually turned into an inn. Guests and staff report that the haunting centers around Suite 204 on the third floor. The spirits reportedly like to play with the nearby ice machine– ice has been seemingly laid out in a trail or piled in a heap on the floor. They will also lock and unlock room 204.

Nashua, NH:

BloodCemeteryBlood Cemetery

Blood Cemetery is the nickname for the Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis. The name stems from the ghost who supposedly haunts it, Abel Blood.  Abel was buried there in 1867 next to his wife Betsy. There is a hand carved into his headstone that points upward, and some say the hand will suddenly change to point down every year on the night of Halloween. Vandals have since broken and stolen the headstone of Abel Blood from the cemetery, but an apparition will still appear in the area it’s supposed to be. Strange tapping noises, voices and apparitions in photos have all been recorded.  Abel’s son has also been known to walk down the street in front of the cemetery.

Gilson Road Cemetery

Gilson Road Cemetery is arguably the most haunted place in New Hampshire. Over the years there have been many sightings of ghosts.  It’s said that if you walk from the front entrance to the middle you’ll feel as though you’re wading in water.  Dogs have been known to want to avoid the area entirely, barking and forcing their owners to turn around. Some have said that while standing at the edges of the cemetery you’ll feel as though you’re being pushed back—and you can see at the far end of the cemetery, pairs of eyes that appear to be watching you. A black-hooded figure has been reported a number of times, and voices have been heard in the woods. New homes built next to the cemetery report that glasses break, cold spots are felt and doors open and close on their own.

Conway, NH:

Stark Road

There is a graveyard on the left side of the road. At night the graveyard glows and you will see two big red eyes as they follow you all the way down the road.

Keene, NH:

Woodlawn Cemetery

It’s said that the Summer Knight Chapel is the center of the haunting. It’s here that people have reported the spirit of a little girl who will peer out from behind trees and buildings, giggle or even follow you around. Legend says if you curse in front of the chapel, you’ll have the faint taste of soup on your tongue.

Greenfield, MA:

Deerfield InnDeerfieldInn

The historic inn was built in 1884, and has been restored and renovated to its former glory by the current inn owners. Guests and staff have reported paranormal activity in the inn, including lights turning on and off, strange knocking noises and furniture that moves around by itself. Guests have reported a ghost known as Cora, the wife of a former inn keeper. She has been seen wandering through various parts of the building, and taps people around in a disapproving manner. The shadowy apparition of a man has been seen floating around the corridors is believed to be the husband of Cora, John. A third ghost has mainly been seen in Room #48, and is known as Herschel. He is known to mess up rooms and rearrange furniture and luggage of guests. Visitors have also seen Herschel sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch.

Eunice Williams Covered Bridge – Pumping Station Bridge

The Eunice Williams, or Green River Pumping Station, Covered Bridge is said to be haunted by Eunice Williams, the reverend’s wife who lived nearby in the 1600s. French soldiers and Indians raided the area and killed Eunice just hours after she had given birth. The story is told on a nearby plaque set in a stone. The bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic, but when it was open to cars, locals said those who stopped inside, shut off their lights and beeped the horn once would see her. Eunice’s apparition also has been spotted around the nearby dam and in the river.

Brunswick, ME:

Pickard Theatre – Bowdoin College

At the Pickard Theater at Bowdoin College, a technician reported seeing a lamp swinging although there was no ventilation in the room, and feeling extremely cold.

The Five Stones of River Road

The 5 mysterious stones have no known purpose, but those who live nearby say that on moonlit nights, singing voices can be heard around them. Some say they are the voices of long-gone Native Americans who lived here long ago.

Auburn, ME:

Route 26 Hitchhiker- Poland, ME 

The glowing ghost of Route 26 is a hitchhiking young lady in a fancy dress. In some stories, she was a bride who was killed in a fatal accident in the 1930s. Others say she was a teen on her way to the prom. Another version says she was a bride murdered before her wedding. Legend has it, she may politely ask passersby for a ride, but always seems to disappear from the vehicle before she can get to her destination.

Poland Spring Resort – Poland, ME

Reportedly haunted by its original owner, people claim they have seen his apparition walking the hallways, hear his footsteps and that he moves objects around in the Inn.

Portland, ME:

TimeBuildingTime and Temperature Building

Haunted by a female ghost who likes riding the elevators, and sending them independently to different floors. Some employees have claimed to have seen an unknown female walking through their office and when they follow to confront her, the woman vanishes around the corner.

Charles Q. Clapp House

Captain Asa Clapp is said to haunt this house, as well as the nearby McLellan-Sweat Mansion. His apparition has been seen and other phenomena such as cold spots, footsteps and an eerie presence.


Bangor, ME:

Mount Hope Cemetery

Everyone knows this place was pretty spooky when it was featured in the Stephen King movie “Pet Semetary.” In 1836 Mount Hope was founded as one of the first garden cemeteries in the U.S. Some of the graves belong to soldiers from all major U.S. wars including some of the first Civil War monuments in the country. Vice President Hannibal Hamlin is buried here as well. It’s been reported that these are the ghostly figures cast in the shadows.

The Bangor Opera House

After a devastating fire in 1914 the original Bangor Opera House was rebuilt and has stood proudly ever since. During the fire a brick wall collapsed killing two firefighters whose ghosts have been seen watching performances among the audience. However, they are not alone! Theatre performers have also reported a small girl and an elderly woman wandering the theater as well.

Mexico, ME:

Wilton Farm and Home Museum

People have reported being touched and brushed against, only to see no one there. Voices yelling and musical instruments playing on their own have also been heard.

South Burlington, VT:

The University of Vermont

A sea captain named Jacobs, a 1992 student who died of electrocution and now tinkers with the electricity, both haunt this university. Several houses also have their own ghosts—the Allen House has a ghost that lives on the top floor, and the Bittersweet House is known to have a ghost in 1800’s clothing walking around. People have all reported unexplained voices, slamming doors, strange sounds and a generally cold presence.

American Flatbread

The popular wood-fired pizza joint in Burlington has had its share of supernatural episodes after the previous owners sold the restaurant in 2004. The staff reports strange incidents during the first two years of the new ownership – doors locking themselves, a wreath flying across the room and a cold presence.

Newport, RI:

Breakers Mansion BreakersMansion

The mansion was built in 1895 after a fire destroyed the manor house of Cornelius and Alice Vanderbilt, the latter of whom is believed to still haunt the house museum. Staff and visitors have reported seeing her apparition on various levels of the building, and also report the feeling of being watched.

White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern dates back to the 1600s, and is said to be haunted by several spirits. An elderly male in colonial clothing, a guest who died on the premises, shows up in the dining room near a fireplace. He is said to prefer to appear to female guests. Another entity is said to guard the building and supervise the staff, and a third female ghost has been caught in a photo above one of the dining tables.

Beechwood Mansion

Beechwood Mansion, also known as Astor’s Beechwood Mansion because it was owned by the wealthy Astor family, was originally built in 1851 and today it is said to be haunted by many spirits. Witnesses say doors open on their own, cold spots are everywhere, voices and footsteps sound from nowhere, and candles get repeatedly blown out. A female apparition in a maid’s outfit and another in a yellow period ballroom dress have also been spotted.

Naples, FL:

Rosemary Cemetery

Most of this pioneer-era cemetery was covered up by shopping malls and roadways, and folks say stores located on the site are cursed and often go out of business. One small plot of land remains and rumor has it that it has been the site of many hauntings and eerie events.

Cracker Barrel

This restaurant has a tragic past. Murders of innocent employees rocked the community back in 1995 and the locals have seen spirits that won’t put the story in the past. Items will move on their own, the freezer doors will open on their own, and general feeling being watched have all been reported.