Mortgage Planner

Greg Curry


Thank you for coming to my website to apply for home financing. I’ve been a Mortgage Planner in the Keene area for over 15 years. My family has been in real estate for over 65 years in and around Keene. The experience I’ve gained through the 15+ years of mortgage planning along with my family history in real estate gives me unique insight and perspective into the whole buying experience and process. I have spent my whole life living and working around real estate agents and their industry, so I can confidently say I know not just the home financing side, but the relationship with the agents side as well. The key to any successful home purchase, where financing is involved, is clear and uniformed communication with all parties involved. I’ve used my experience to gain a better understanding of what is best, not only for you the borrower, but what’s best for the entire transaction. Keene is where my family has done business for generations, so my name and how I conduct my business in this area is very important to me. Having a solid reputation here is important to me and to the people I work with. Outside of the lending I enjoy the best of what this area has to offer and that is- it’s people. I volunteer my time to various causes and non-profits in the area and occasionally take my efforts internationally with Habitat for Humanity. I enjoy being a part of this community as my family did before me and I look forward to continuing to make people’s dream of homeownership a reality. Take care and I look forward to working with you.

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  • Office 69A Island Street, Keene, NH 03431
  • Cell: 603.852.8082