September 16th, 2015 - What can Real Estate Apps do for you?

Smartphones can do it all, and who doesn’t have one these days? We’re willing to bet you have one!

There’s an app for everything! We’ve compiled a list of the most useful real estate apps, because trust us, you’ll want to use them!


  • All of these apps do the same thing. You can check out any listings for houses on there and add your own if you make an account! They’ll provide you with any quick information you need.


  • This app would be great to share with your clients! It allows anyone to take a picture of a house they like, and see details regarding how much the house would cost, estimated mortgage payments, neighborhood information, etc. This would help homeowners figure out what they are looking for in a house!


  • Lovely is the perfect app for people to find rentals. Again, as an agent, you can share the app with any home owners that discover that renting may be a more viable option for them, or if you have any clients that are looking to rent out their beach house to vacationers!

Mortgage Calculator

  • This app, along with many others like it, works to give the best estimates on mortgage payments a client would make on a house they are interested in. (Of course, Regency is here to help!)


  • Sitegiest is perfect for anyone looking to learn about neighborhoods. Scroll through hundreds of infographics made from information and statistics pulled from any location. You’ll likely be able to tell interested buyers how busy the local movie theater is on a Friday night.

Dotloop/Sign Easy/DocuSign

  • All of these apps could be essential to your work load! They’re convenient and easy since they all allow you and your clients to sign documents over the app!

All of these apps are great to add to your business, but we’re here to help too!

August 3rd, 2015 - Why are Pre-Qualifications out weighing Pre-approvals?

The reason for this is simple…

The industry is now holding the lenders feet to the fire on pre-approvals. Meaning, if a lender issues a pre-approval too early in the process and later, information is obtained that renders that approval invalid, the lender may still have to close that loan. A pre-approval is now regarded as a commitment to extend credit and assumes the credit has been evaluated for worthiness. A loan is never truly approved until all pertinent docs are received & has gone through underwriting. No lender wants to make a loan that is unsalable, hence most are now issuing pre-qualifications upfront, unless they have a full picture of the borrowers’ assets, liabilities, income, employment history and any other pertinent information that might influence a credit approval.

Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved

Pre-qualification is a lender’s estimate of how much you could be eligible to borrow based on information you supply. Pre-qualification does not mean you will get the loan. Pre-qualifications are usually free.

Pre-approved usually means that the lender is ready to make you a mortgage loan based on the information and documentation you provided at the time you requested a pre-approval. The pre-approval will say how long it is valid for and may contain some other conditions for you to get the loan. Your lender may not require that you pay any fees except the cost of a credit report at this time.




July 29th, 2015 - Let’s Connect: Selling Yourself with LinkedIn

A lot of you may already have a profile, but are you taking advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer? Probably not.

The Basics

  • LinkedIn is exceptional in the fact that you are able to establish a link to a connection with people you may be friendly with but not talk to on a daily basis. It’s also a way for connections to virtually introduce others. With LinkedIn you are able to make second-based connections and meet others through people.
  • Take a second to let people know you have a LinkedIn profile and that you are willing to connect with them. You can import your email address book directly into the website and email an invitation to connect.
  • You can post great content on LinkedIn just like Facebook. But remember that LinkedIn is geared toward professional business, so keep that in mind when publishing.

Brand Yourself

  • Completely fill out your LinkedIn profile with as much detail about yourself, career and company as possible. Make sure that you optimize it with essential keywords to garner search interests to your page.
  • Write a headline under your name! Not everyone does, and it will set you apart. Try writing, “With me, you’re not just another listing!”
  • Take note in the importance of linking outside of LinkedIn. You have the opportunity to link to your company’s website, your website and your other social media pages.
  • Encourage any clients to write recommendations for you that will live on your homepage. There’s an entire section for referrals that you don’t want to leave blank! Plus, any colleagues and referrals can endorse you!
  • If you decide to make use of the platinum LinkedIn account, you have the ability to use their InMail feature and send mass emails to all of your connections.

Join Local Groups

  • Join local groups on LinkedIn within the real estate industry. You can regularly frequent the group page, share, and take part in discussions. Depending on the rules, you can post anything new going on with you, or share interesting articles in the industry.
  • You can meet entirely new people outside of our local are, and establish connections without knowing the person beforehand. It’s an easy way to grow your network.
  • These are our favorites! Real Estate Networking Group, Realtors on the Internet, Mortgage Loan Officer Support Network.

Gauge the Benefits

  • Connect or follow real estate industry leaders and keep up with information they are providing. Constantly educating yourself will validate to clients that you know exactly what you are talking about. These are our favorites: Bean Group, Regency Mortgage, GMNBR,  NHAR and Trulia.
  • You can even pay to have advertisements to showcase your availability in the industry.
  • Adjust the settings of your profile to allow Google to bring up your account in search results.

LinkedIn is a great place for clients to see how connected you are!

July 15th, 2015 - Doing Your Neighborhood Homework

You’ll never make a house a home if you don’t love your neighborhood.

One of the biggest challenges in home buying isn’t always just the home- it’s where the home is.

You need to make sure your home owners know exactly what they want. Spend time asking them the questions we’ve devised below as the ultimate neighborhood guide!

Do you have kids or are you planning on having kids anytime soon?

  • Children drastically change what home owners might need to look for. Kids will need good schools, a safe neighborhood, a yard to play in and more!

What type of house do you want?

  • A cape, a split level, a Victorian- find out what style they want!

How far are you willing to commute to your job, shopping, etc.?

  • Find out how far they are willing to commute to places outside of their neighborhood.

Would you rather live in a newer developed neighborhood or a historic one?

  • Both have wonderful features, but it’s up to you to help guide them into their better fit!

Do you want to live in a gated community?

  • Let them know the special features of one of these communities. Added security is always a plus!

How will your lifestyle fit into the neighborhood?

  • Ask the home owners what their hobbies are. Help to figure out if their lifestyle will match the property.

Besides asking the best questions, you need to make sure your home owners have all the top information on the neighborhood.

Schools: Check out the schools in the area.  Make sure they are the very best in education!

Crime:  Did you know you can check online for any sex offenders that live in the neighborhood? You can find out at or

Recreation:  If your home owners plan to stroll through the park, or hit up a Saturday afternoon baseball game, make sure it’s in the area!

Tourists: Is your house in a summer tourist area? Maybe the noise and traffic would bother them.

Plus, just a few extra tips!

  • Visit the neighborhood to see what it’s like in the day and the night, and over the weekend.
  • Chat with the neighbors!
  • Pay attention to traffic patterns.
  • Check the taxes.



July 8th, 2015 - Administrative Assistant-Portsmouth, NH

Job Title: Administrative Assistant Dept./Group Admin
Location: Portsmouth, NH Travel Required: Minimal
Level/Salary Range: Based on Experience Position Type: Full-Time-8:30-5:00 M-F
Will Train Applicant: Yes Posting Expires: TBD
Job Summary: The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for performing administrative and office support activities for multiple members of the Loan Origination Team.
Role and Responsibilities

  • Field phone calls
  • Receiving and directing visitors
  • Word Processing
  • Preparing customer files
  • Working with Marketing team to help create Open House Flyers

Essential Core Competencies


  • Communicates effectively and appropriately. Uses good judgment as to what to communicate to whom as well as the best way to get that accomplished. Speaks in a clear and credible manner, selecting the right tone for the situation and audience. Listens to others and allows them to make their point.

Writing Skills

  • Produces clear and complete content for any external or internal communication.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

Seeking someone with 1-3 years of experience and with a minimum of an Associates Degree in Administrative Assisting

Preferred Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Customer focused
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Possesses some working knowledge of software such as a CRM
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently
  • Excellent organization skills and prioritization skills
  • Detail oriented with a commitment to quality work
  • Mortgage Experience preferred but not necessary


Toll Free:

New Hampshire Offices:

Hooksett, NH HQ: 603-669-5626
Concord, NH 603-225-0237
Keene, NH: 603-352-0519
North Conway, NH: 603-447-6060
Portsmouth, NH: 603-431-3503
Nashua, NH: 603-821-4975

Maine Offices:

Bangor, ME: 207-249-6738
Brunswick, ME: 207-331-5391
Portland, ME: 207-482-3950
So. Portland, ME: 207-553-4343
Auburn, ME: 207-333-6969
Mexico, ME: 207-364-7892

Massachusetts Offices:

West Boylston, MA: 774-261-8496
Peabody, MA: 978-326-7070

Vermont Office:

Burlington, VT: 802-863-0403

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