July 6th, 2015 - Lock Desk Clerk

Job Title: Lock Desk Clerk

Location: Hooksett, NH

Level/Salary Range: Based on Experience

Position Type: Full Time 40 hours per week

Hiring Contact: Kristen Brennan, Lock Desk Manager

Will Train Applicant: Yes

Job Summary: Manage lock request from loan originators and ensure system-wide date accuracy on all matters related to locks.

Contact Email:

Subject Line: Lock Desk Clerk

Attention Kristen Brennan

Mail: Kristen Brennan, Lock Desk Manager

Regency Mortgage Corp.

26 Londonderry Turnpike, Hooksett NH 03106

Essential Functions

  • Receive lock request from loan originator’s and lock loans on internal pricing software.
  • Use web-based services to accurately lock loans on investor websites, ensuring the Regency’s Profit on the loan is accurately reflected in locks as required.
  • Update internal mortgage bank software fields with correct information and changes when they occur.
  • If loan changes affect the lock, communicate possible repercussions on lock changes to the loan agent accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Extend locks that do not close by the lock expiration date.
  • Quote pricing to LO if lock change is requested.
  • Escalate extension requests and other customer service matters as needed
  • Fill in for Lock Desk Pipeline as needed.

Essential Core Competencies

Interpersonal Skills

Shows genuine sensitivity to the needs, feelings and capabilities of other people. Deals with others in a pleasant manner. Treats others with respect and consideration

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Takes responsibility for clarifying his or her job responsibilities, including the need to understand performance standards and other expectations. Communicates with his or her supervisor regularly to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about how performance will be measured and how expectations relate to particular job levels.


Meets or exceeds productivity standards that have been established for his/her organizational level or position. Has successfully combined skills, ability and effort to ensure that expectations related to results/output are achieved.

Managing Multiple Priorities

Handles multiple assignments and priorities yet still fulfills all commitments. Readily accepts new responsibilities and adapts well to changes in procedures. Gives appropriate priorities to various work demands.

Quality of Work

Has established a track record of producing work that is highly accurate, demonstrates attention to detail and reflects well on the organization. Is personally committed to high quality of work and encourages others to have similar standards.

Time Management

Prioritizes tasks and mages time to ensure that deadlines are met. Plans his or her time and sticks to those plans. Prevents or manages interruptions until the highest priority tasks are accomplished. Ability to work effectively under pressure and within tight time frames.

Calculation Skills 

Ability to add, subtract, multiply and dived in all units of measures, using whole numbers common fractions, and decimals. Ability to compute fractions, rate, ratio and percent.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve departmental and company goals. Perform other duties as assigned.


Experience is preferred but not required.


Minimum education required is an Associates Degree

July 2nd, 2015 - Condos vs Houses

First time home buying can be overwhelming!

How do you know whether buying a house or a condo is the right fit? How do you help your home owners make a decision that’s life changing?


  • Home/outside maintenance is taken care of for you- for a fee.
  • There are often plenty of restrictions about what you can change in the home and what you can’t.
  • Smaller than the space of a house.
  • You’re always in close proximity to your neighbors.
  • Condos offer amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts.
  • Usually have security systems.
  • Great for first time home buyers or retirees looking to downsize!


  • Home maintenance is all your responsibility.
  • You can design freely as you wish without restrictions.
  • More space!
  • You have neighbors, but you don’t always have to be so close to them.
  • You’ll likely have to put in your own swimming pool, unless you buy a house with one.
  • You will need to get your own security measures if you want them.


In the end, the decision made on a home should be based on personal lifestyle.  Make sure your home owners can really picture themselves there!

With us you can help your buyers to outweigh the pros and cons of which home to buy! 

June 26th, 2015 - Renting vs. Owning

It’s easy for many people to believe that owning a home costs more than renting one.

That’s a misconception.

Since 2010, home rent costs have jumped up 14%. This year, rent is expected to rise another 3.3%.

In some places, renting has surpassed the average mortgage payment.  But without doing the math, most people don’t even know that.


  • You make payments to a landlord, and usually inflation causes payments to increase.
  • Sometimes you have to pay all your own utilities too.
  • Change your wall colors? Too bad.
  • Landlords aren’t pet lovers.
  • Each mortgage payment you make brings you one step closer to owning it!
  • Your payments will most likely be stable.
  • You’re free to decorate as you wish!
  • Have five dogs if you want.
  • You’ll probably get some tax benefits!
  • Your home’s value will typically increase.
  • Guaranteed privacy.
  • A permanent residence in a great community!
In the long run, home owners can actually save thousands. Who’s telling them?It has to be YOU!Find out how our mortgage planners can get those first time buyers to realize home ownership is better after all! 

June 25th, 2015 - Millennials And Home Buying!


We’ve all heard it. Millennials are not buying any houses. 


According to a March 2015 report from the National Association of Realtors, millennials in fact make up about 32% of the home buying market in America.

And that’s only going to grow.

50% of Millennials say they are very likely to buy a house within the next year according to 2015 TD Bank Mortgage Service Index.

So Millennials are buying houses. Just not in the same way their baby boomer parents did. Most young adults are actually putting off marriages and kids until later in life to build steady financial credit and afford a down payment on a house first!

And with rent costs jumping up 14% since 2010, Millennials are looking to get comfortable in their dream home. So what are some factors stopping them?

College debt. Credit. Job security.

Though Millennials know what they want, they don’t necessarily know that it might be easier than they think to get it. Their futures are in your hands!

Find out how our mortgage planners can help you tackle the incoming Millennials! 




December 3rd, 2014 - Don’t Let Your Client’s Lose Power Again!

As we are acutely aware, the winter and all that it brings us in New England, is fast approaching. Over the long Thanksgiving Holiday, there were major power outages throughout New Hampshire, Maine and even a small part of Massachusetts. I have heard a few stories of raw turkeys and unbaked pies. That’s just not right.

As many of you know from your loan officers or the CE course on Renovation Lending, mortgages for homes in need of repairs or desired renovations are available from Regency. But although we all think about using renovation lending to cure property issues or to add new kitchens, baths, decks, septic systems and roofs, you can also install permanent standby generator systems with a renovation loan.

I saw several ads this weekend for generator systems, so that must mean we are getting into the season where a power failure can cause heat to go down along with lights, cooking and the most important of necessities, TV and internet access. Homes with well water and pumps cannot flush toilets or run the water. Generator system can solve all these issues.

To qualify for a renovation loan that includes a generator feature it must be a permanent part of the real estate. That means that the generator and electrical connections stay with the home when the new owners sell it down the road. Typically, that requires the wiring be done through the main breaker box of the house. Also, the generator itself must be in a permanent location; e.g. a concrete pad. So that eliminates many of those wheel based generators which are kept in a shed or garage and pulled out when power goes down. The generator needs a permanent home and preferably needs to be bolted to its base. All fuels are permitted as long as they meet the local codes.

So when a home buyer asks you about auxiliary power options for the new home they are buying, you can advise them of the renovation loan option that can cover it.

Stay warm this winter and remember……Renovation – Regency.
Paul Amatucci-VP of Renovation Lending


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